Sunday, 10 June 2018

White in a week- 7 days home teeth whitening

My teeth are fairly yellow, I have occasionally smoked socially in the past and am also a huge coffee drinker and love curry, which could explain the staining. I brush regularly however admittedly I do not have regular check ups on my teeth. Karen firstly checked over my teeth and ensured they were healthy and there were no major issues. Thankfully there weren’t. After the health check, I then had a full scale and polish, something i’d never had but is advisable if you are going to get your teeth whitened for optimum results. My mouth felt fantastic.

Once clean I was then measured for the whitening apparatus.

The mould are then taken and in a couple of days I was able to collect my kit. Having tried home whitening treatments before that i’d purchased from internet this was the first thing that struck me, the fact that the gum shields were designed for me and my teeth and not a one size fits all so wearing it felt comfortable and the solution was able to coat my teeth correctly.

There are two types of treatments one is a daily whitener one for use overnight. I opted for the daily one which you use for one hour each day.

The treatments come in syringe applicators. The whitening gel is placed in custom made gum shields which you wear either for one hour a day or overnight. Whichever your preference.

Here's my progress over the 7 days...

Day 1-The gum shields were comfortable. Many kits i've had before were a 'one size fits all' however these being custom  made to fit my mouth really made the difference. Especially if i was opting to sleep in them.  The teeth however did feel a little sensitive when I first put the treatment on. I was assured this was normal for some people. The sensitivity soon went and after the first hour I could see an improvement.

Day 2- . I can already see results after just two days! The bottom teeth and upper fangs still need work though!

Day 3- As you can see this the treatmant gel has really gone to work. The teeth still feel a little sensitive to the touch when the treatment is on, however i'm assured this is perfectly normal.

Day -4 The teeth looking really white now, unbelievable. Karen did advise that the treatment can work and you can acheive the desirable results in under a week, however i'm going to continue for the 7 days. The sensitivity has also disappeared.

Day 5- Really impressed. All the yellow staining has completely disappeared. I honestly didn't expect the results to be so good after trying whitening toothpaste and numerous treatmants i'd purchased off the internet before.

Day 6 - The teeth look and feel fantastic and i've already had comments from friends! It's amazing how many people notice..I may walk around with this permanent grin just to show them off!

Day 7- Ok so here they are, my pearly white new gnashers! I was a little sceptical at first but I can verify that teeth whitening treatments recommended by your dentist are not only safe, fuss free and cost effective, they actually work.

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