Monday, 14 May 2018

Why Whiten?

For just one moment, smile. Then think about it. That all-important grin is how you greet the world and your loved ones every day. Of course, it's also a big part of the first impressions you make. Studies prove that people with whiter teeth appear more confident, are more likely to be hired for jobs, and even enjoy better dates.
It is also true that if you are proud of your smile then you are likely to take more care over cleaning your teeth to maintain them that way. A high standard of oral hygiene oral hygiene creates the healthiest and most beautiful mouths.

So whitening isn't just about caring for your teeth. It's about feeling your best and living life accordingly.
Whitening your teeth does not mean that they will go neon white – although it is true that young teeth have more ability to go very white , as their enamel is thicker than middle aged teeth. Indeed , the degree of whiteness can be directly controlled by you .
Some degree of sensitivity during of just after whitening treatment is normal and is temporary , settling after usually one or two days . This sensitivity usually means that you just take a break during the treatment before continuing.
When you see people on TV with extremely white teeth, actors for example, it is less attractive, but that level of whiteness is usually created with porcelain veneers or crowns and cannot usually be caused by whitening alone. These overdone teeth don’t look natural, we agree , and most people just want their own natural teeth improved upon which is what whitening can do for you.
We recommend home whitening as provided by dentists although we can also offer power-whitening done in office with strong beaching peroxides for those who don`t want the bother of doing home treatments.

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