Thursday, 17 October 2019

Simple ways to improve your smile…

  1. The first way to improve your teeth and mouth is to have fantastic oral hygiene. All teeth and mouths are ‘nice’ if super clean as this guarantees a healthy mouth and fresh clean breath. Nothing worse than standing back from bad breath and its embarrassing to mention it except to a partner or close family.
  2. Have a thorough technique to make sure you brush well at the back and insides ( people miss here) because it take more time than the fronts – you must overlap the gums and if they bleed then just continue and get your dental appointment booked . A medium small headed brush is the way to go so you can reach everywhere easily.
  3. Clean daily between your teeth with interprox brushes . If you have hardly any gap then you can use floss. Kids and some lucky people can miss this out but most need it as nasty bacteria grow in these awkward places and they cause gum disease and bad breath.
  4. Get any hole filled as these are natural stagnation areas for bad bacteria.
  5. Get discoloured teeth whitened – this is a great treatment for fresh smile confidence.
  6. Chipped, uneven, and shabby front teeth can be contoured or fixed with minimal preparation not requiring injections. The result a rejuvenated smile that stands the test of time.
  7. And …cut out sugary drinks and excessive sweeties… goes without saying as these are also bad for your general health as well as causing cavities.

bad hygiene is dirty ,smelly and ugly
fix cavities and save the teeth…

Fix and level out front teeth with bonding