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A cure for dental anxiety and fear...

Does the thought of succumbing to the dentist's chair send a jolt of anxiety through your body? When it comes to triggering a fear response, few things can set people off like an upcoming trip to the dentist. Fear and anxiety toward the dentist and dental treatment are  significant factors  that contribute to avoidance of dental care.

That fear can set in early. Threatening comments from a parent, or more common, a painful experience at the dental clinic during childhood triggers anxiety that carries over into adulthood
"Modern dentistry is virtually painless." Easier said than believed…..
Techniques and equipment have come a long way over the past few decades. Needles are very thin compared with yesteryear  topical anesthetic gels  numb the surface  during injections . Modern drills are much quieter with little vibration.

However…Why suffer anxiety during dental treatment  when you can relax with Nitrous oxide ("laughing gas") which is relaxing and pleasurable . You can have all your dental treatment done in a relaxed and controlled manner . You inhale the gas through your nose during the entire procedure and are back to normal shortly afterward and able to drive yourself home. Chances are that once your teeth are done you will really have very little need of treatment in future apart from an occasional cleaning for maintenance.  This way you don`t need to worry about your fears as they float away with the gas.  

Nitrous oxide gas is also very useful for children . Some children can become anxious when they see the dentist – especially when they need treatment or have toothache. As a result, they may not be able to relax or sit still long enough to receive treatment. Using gas sedation can help to complete more treatment in one visit which is a great benefit to cut down on dental visits and get it over without a scene. Nitrous oxide is mixed with oxygen and delivered through a small mask over the nose As the gas begins to work, the child will  naturally remain calm and relaxed.
The effects of nitrous oxide are mild. It is safe and quickly eliminated from the body. The child remains awake and can  interact with the dentist. When the gas is turned off, the effects wear off very quickly.

  A good, trusted dentist who puts you at ease is extremely important. This goes without saying. But technology can also help you relax and relieve anxiety. For example listening to your own music on your phone is another useful way to help relax. Aromatherapy and visual distractions can also help you to relax as can reading our ceiling map.

Article supplied by Dr Karen Gardner,  dentist and orthodontist at Clinica dental La Plaza, Javea situated next to Club De Tenis
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