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3 myths about how the time of the year can affect the quality of permanent makeup.

3 myths about how the time of the year can affect the quality of permanent makeup.

Our permanent makeup artist, Julia Garanina, will help expand on these myths and analyse them in closer detail.

‘I am often asked whether or not one should attend a procedure during the summer.

Myth N1. During the winter, the sun does not break down the pigment.

In theory, it doesn’t really matter when you decide to attend a permanent makeup procedure - during the summer or winter - the pigment will eventually start to break down when exposed to certain sun rays, if you do not apply sunscreen or any type of protection. However, permanent makeup lasts for at least one-two year in perfect condition, meaning that in any case you will be able to walk around with the permanent makeup, regardless of the time of the year, be it winter or summer.

Myth N2. After attending a permanent makeup procedure, you are not allowed to swim in the sea.

The truth is, that the following days after your procedure, you will not be able to go swimming, whether it is in the sea or the swimming pool, you will also not be able to go to the sauna. During this short period, it is not advised to get the tattooed area wet - no matter whether it is by sea water, or tap/shower water. However, after the crust peels off the tattooed area (usually after 7 days or less, depending on skin type) you will be able to freely get the area wet, swim in the sea or go to the sauna. In further detail, freezing temperatures can cause bigger problems than the heat. For example, on the way home after your procedure, with freezing temperatures and cold winds outside, it will be much harder to maintain the process of - wiping the tattooed zone with a damp cloth/paper.

Myth N3. During the summer, the tattooed areas heal slower...

I carry out a dozen procedures every month. Such an inflow of clients has made it easier for me to analyse and compare certain results during the summer and winter. The results have shown that there is completely no difference between procedures carried out during the winter, and during the summer.

So analysing this myth in further detail, you may ask why people would think that during the summer, the healing process is slower? The answer is simple, most people simply get the two terms confused, permanent makeup, and a tattoo. A tattoo is simply carried out by inserting the pigment into a deeper layer into the skin, also the thickness of the skin will play a certain role on some tattoos. On the other hand, many surgeons recommend carrying out any surgeries during the winter and the autumn seasons, simply because of the theory that bacteria reproduces slower during the colder periods, and overall clients usually feel worse during excessive heat. HOWEVER, all of these theories do not apply to permanent makeup. Permanent makeup artists use none traumatic equipment, the pigment is inserted inside the top layers of the skin, and the care recommendations after treatment are completely different. The technology that i use allows me to make these procedures the less traumatic as humanly possible, thus, sometimes eliminating or drastically reducing the redness after the procedure. The pigment is inserted simply into the top layer of the skin. Any trauma is minimal to non existent. Thus meaning, the healing process does not depend on the time of the year, and simply only depends on how you maintain the care recommendations.

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