Wednesday, 14 February 2018

10 Ways to a great smile

Your smile is the first thing that people notice about you so make sure it is clean, fresh and white

Buy a quality electric toothbrush
In theory an old style manual toothbrush is just as good, but that depends on doing it right – making small circular motions with the brush, reaching all the surfaces . A good electric brush makes cleaning easier and more effective.

To clean well and prevent gum disease you must brush teeth and gums in circles along the rows of teeth – upper and lower, in front and behind- focusing at gum level around all the teeth , spending extra time on the back teeth

Brush your teeth before breakfast and before bed ( twice a day), there is no need to brush your teeth more than this. If you need to you can always rinse out with water or mouth-rinse to freshen–up

Do not brush after any type of acidic food or drink , as this will thin the enamel on your teeth, and make them thinner and sensitive.

Small, decaying deposits of food and plaque bacteria between the teeth are one of the major reasons for tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath.
So floss or interdental brushes once a day to clean the gaps between all your teeth, not just the ones with food stuck in them.

Visit your dentist once a year and the hygenist every 6 months for cleaning. The hygenist will give your mouth a thorough clean to reach the areas that you can´t and polish your teeth to remove stains.

Use a fluoride – toothpaste, as the fluoride helps to prevent tooth decay.

Avoid fizzy drinks especially coca-cola and cut down on other soft drinks, including fruit juices. Fizzy drinks have a very high sugar and acid content, and tend to strip the enamel from your teeth, advancing the decay process, thinning the enamel, and thus making teeth more sensitive. This is also true of fruit,some teas, cider and wine.

Avoid sucking sweets. They remain in your mouth for a long time and are rich in sugar. In fact avoid all refined sugars as far as possible - especially the white stuff.
Chewing gum is ok .

Have teeth whitening treatment to whiten your teeth and really improve your smile. Red wine and coffee and aging causes your teeth to discolour

Stop smoking for fresh breath and for your own health.

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